For stronger, faster, more affordable builds, think RapidSMT Assembly™

"We build dependable relationships by delivering boards at the best value possible."

Located in the Heart of Silicon Valley, RapidSMT Assembly has proudly served the Bay Area surface mount technology industry since 2002. An oasis for all EMS solutions, PCB assembly, and OEM productions, RapidSMT's expanding business now serves clients both nationally and worldwide as a result of our superior experience, unmatched service, and affordable rates.


Our foundations are grounded in the United States and will remain that way, offering customers quality and reliability that can only be found close to home. The RapidSMT staff continuously seeks out new methods to reduce client costs, while simultaneously discovering better ways to build boards above and beyond engineering specifications. With 24 hour access to your projects, you're only a phone call away.

When you choose Rapid's facilities for your contracting, you have one point of contact from start to finish, and a control seat position from the very beginning. We aim to instill confidence in start-ups and corporations that we are the most cost-effective and reliable choice for all manufacturing needs. We promise that you'll never run into the price rate hikes frequently issued by most assembly plants. For all clients, we source cost-effective components from our exclusive vendors, provide complimentary valet services, and guarantee the delivery and functionality of our assemblies.

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