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"A host of companies across the globe rely only on RapidSMT for their needs."

A host of companies across the globe rely only on RapidSMT for small prototypes, medium volume production, micro OEM assemblies, and A-Z production for their engineering needs. From bare board fabrication, assembly (mechanical and electronic), functionality testing, to delivering products to the end user, RapidSMT is a lifeline for many companies in the semiconductor industry.

RapidSMT produces printed circuit boards for both military defense standards and the commercial processors that serve them. Our PCB assembly for the Department of Defense encompasses builds used for digital information systems in surface ships, aircraft carriers, combat helicopters, ground vehicle power systems, reconnaissance vehicles, tactical workstations, and nuclear submarines. Our expertise in defense assembly standards also include applying thermal compounds, insulating heat sinks, soldering swages pads, PCB, pre-tinning stranded wires, and conformal coating.

RapidSMT has a wide range of experience in the assembly of diagnostic and surgical equipment for flat panel displays, surgical lasers, and other products demanding 100% reliability for the medical and bio-medical sector. Please read Our Quality to review our process.
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